red-check-markWhy should you re-elect me to the Gilbert Public School Board?

1. As a mother of five unique children, I understand children have strengths and challenges. I work to help our education programs serve each child.

2. I paid the price to understand education through serving on the Governing Board and obtaining Board training, visiting all 40 District schools, and attending board meetings for five years prior to serving on the Board. I graduated from college with a teaching certificate. I apply this experience to make good decisions for Gilbert Public Schools.

3. I love our country, our constitution, and our freedoms. Public education is necessary so ALL citizens learn their constitutional duties and prepare to provide for families. I work so that public schools fulfill this mission for our republic.

4. I understand the importance of working together to find common ground and build consensus. I will work with anyone who will: • Place the needs of children above political agendas; • Adhere to the code of ethics in GPS Policy BCA; • Support Gilbert Public Schools.

5. I believe that District citizens and parents should provide the direction for our school. For this reason my campaign is a grassroots campaign, so I can be responsive to your needs.

6. My children have all gone to GPS and one still attends. I am at the season in my life where I can dedicate the time needed to support our children's education.


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Jill Humpherys

Candidate for Governing Board

Gilbert Public Schools  


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